Trailer Carrying Circus Animals Turns Topsy-Turvy

The man driving the truck hauling this trailer lost control of the wheel

Only yesterday afternoon, a truck hauling a trailer ended up crashing into a sign and a guard rail after the driver lost control of the wheel and began spinning in the middle of the road.

The incident occurred on Interstate 516 near Savannah, and witnesses explain that, as a result of the crash, the trailer got turned upside down.

Given the fact that the trailer was transporting circus animals, it is not difficult to guess that the incident could have easily turned into a tragedy.

Still, nothing bad happened to the camels, llamas, ponies and zebras transported in this vehicle, sources say. As well as this, the driver only suffered one very good scare and no major injuries.

Police officers are fully convinced that the accident occurred because the driver was speeding.

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