Tracks AIR Bluetooth Headphones Pair with Two Devices Simultaneously

They have better than average sound quality and last for 15 hours on battery power

There are lots of types of headphones, but every once in a while, one will debut that combines the benefits of most of them, and the Sol Republic Tracks AIR definitely qualify.

Made in collaboration with Motorola, the Tracks AIR are wireless headphones whose most notable asset is dual-device connectivity.

Essentially, they can wirelessly pick up signal from two smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, or whatever else. Or any combination thereof. Bluetooth technology is used to establish and maintain connections.

With this, you can listen to music and pick up a call at the same time. You'll have to pause the track or the movie if it's one of those you're watching, and press a button to switch sources, but at least you won't need to disconnect the headset from either.

You can even pair an MP3 player, or some other type of standalone music player, without losing the connection to the two primary devices.

So we suppose that means the headset can link to three sources at the same time. Or, really, more like two and a half.

Add to that the 150-foot (45-meter) wireless range and there really isn't much to complain about. Even the battery life of 15 hours is superior to the norm.

The final main asset is the pair of noise-isolating A2 Sound Engines, which are power efficient but match the quality of wired headphones (“solid bass, clean mids and vocals, and extended highs”). There are even controls on them, for pause, play, volume adjustment and phone calls.

Finally, to have all bases covered, Sol Republic and Motorola even made four different interchangeable headbands, colored ice white, gunmetal, electro blue and vivid red.

Tracks AIR wireless headphones should start shipping in November for $199.99 / €199.99 through various retailers.

"We're extremely excited that SOL REPUBLIC and Motorola were able to engineer a wireless headphone that's affordable, looks great, sounds amazing, and is packed with the most advanced wireless technologies available that we think today's always connected consumer will appreciate," said Kevin Lee, Sol Republic co-founder and CEO.

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