Tracker 0.16.0 Brings Full Text Search (FTS) v4 Support

This stable version brings many improvements and repairs various issues

The stable version of Tracker 0.16.0 was announced last evening by the GNOME developers, and it is the second application that goes stable for the upcoming GNOME 3.8 desktop environment.

There are many new changes in Tracker 0.16.0, as compared with the previous stable release, version 0.14.x. But first of all, we should mention that Tracker 0.16.0 now depends on GStreamer >= 1.0, libgrss >= 0.5, GLib 2.35.1 for GTask API and SQLite 3.7.9 for FTS4 support.

Second of all, the following functions have been removed from this stable version of Tracker: Flickr miner, as it will be add to GNOME Photos at a later time, the Dia dependency for producing documentation, tracker-explorer, tracker-search-bar, playlists, lyrics, web history and data-generators, as they were unused, unmaintained or deprecated.

And now, let's talk about the new features implemented in Tracker 0.16.0, as it brings support for the GKqueueDirectoryMonitor API on BSD systems, as well as Full Text Search (FTS) v4 support, which includes two new SPARQL functions: fts:snippet(?u) and fts:offsets(?u).

When building Tracker from sources, GMutex is now used instead of the deprecated GStaticMutex, and all cases of g_type_init() have been removed as they are now deprecated in GLib 2.35.x.

Tracker 0.16.0 also includes some fixes for Nautilus (a build error when supplying the Nautilis extensions directory) and Mozilla Thunderbird & Mozilla Firefox (an extension path issue in, and it now searches for correct libraries in $prefix).

Moreover, Tracker 0.16.0 adds colored output and snippets for result hits, fixes --{get|set}-log-verbosity with g_settings_sync(), adds MeeGo keys to desktop files, adds replacement function for flock() on Solaris systems, renames the tracker_media_art_queue_removal() API to _remove(), and the tracker_media_art_execute_queue() API to _queue_empty(), fixes Vala bindings for TrackerMinerFS, as well as a nasty stack corruption with TrackerIndexingTree filter rules.

Download Tracker 0.16.0 right now from Softpedia.

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