Track Palin Files for Divorce After 18 Months of Marriage

Sarah Palin’s eldest son splits from wife Britta, reportedly amicably

Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol may be notoriously unlucky in love but, as it so happens, so is her eldest brother Track. He and wife Britta have filed for divorce after just 18 months of marriage, it has emerged.

Details on the divorce or, for that matter, Track himself, are scarce. Nevertheless, all signs point to the split as being an amicable one, MSNBC reports, bringing confirmation of the divorce from E! News.

“The 23-year-old commercial fisherman and his wife Britta are divorcing after 18 months of marriage. The former couple filed for divorce in Alaska on Dec. 1, and a dissolution was granted. They have a 1-year-old daughter, Kyla,” the publication says.

“The son of the former vice presidential candidate and his now ex-wife have settled all matters related to child support, property and custody,” adds the same media outlet.

Most likely, this means that we won’t be hearing more of the divorce anytime soon.

Not the same can be said about the other Palin offspring, Bristol, who chose to put her entire life, perhaps in the hope of redeeming herself with the majority of the public, on a reality show.

“Life’s a Tripp” premiered to decent ratings but was almost instantly panned by critics and audiences alike, as we also informed you at the time.

With each new episode, Bristol’s image seemed to take even more serious beatings. The climax was perhaps when her son Tripp called her sister a “faggot” and Bristol just laughed.

In more recent months, Bristol also tried to make a TV comeback of sorts on Dancing With the Stars, the All-Stars edition, even saying at one point that coming back on the show was an opportunity God had provided her with.

She didn’t last long, though, unlike the first time she was on DWTS.

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