Toyota Yaris Hybrid to Debut at 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Toyota has released the first images of its eco-friendly, fuel-efficient Yaris Hybrid

Toyota is eager to prove that its new Yaris Hybrid is capable of combining three awesome advantages: driving performance, correlated with sophisticated exterior design and a low level of CO2 emissions.

The company has recently released the first pictures and very little technical details, to keep potential buyers in suspense. The automaker has revealed that it has applied solar panels to the entire roof surface of the car to power the air-conditioning unit.

However, rumor has it that Yaris Hybrid will reach a top speed of 110mph,while the amount of emissions generated is expected to be below 99g/km.

So far, it is certain that Yaris Hybrid will come equipped with a 1.5-litre petrol engine, delivering 98bhp, and more compact electric elements, meaning the car will display a unit up to 20% lighter than the one used for the Auris Hybrid.

Its expected vehicle will be showcased in March, during the prestigious 2012 Geneva Motor Show and will start being commercialized on the market during summer.

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