Touchscreen Kit Announced for Netbooks

The new kit can be used with all available netbook models

According to the latest news on the web, Hoda Technologies, a Taiwanese company, is offering touchscreen upgrade kits that are compatible with almost all currently available netbooks. Moreover, the company says that its products will also prove compatible with netbook models that are about to be released in the near future.

Hoda Technologies states that its Easy and Fun TouchKit is a simple, no-nonsense upgrade, which does indeed require the netbook to be tore apart to install it, a fact which implies the need of some knowledge, yet there is no soldering involved. The most important feature of the kit is its compatibility with around every 8.9 and 10.2-inch netbook currently available on the market. The compatibility list would include Eee PC 900/901/1000/1000H/1000HD, Aspire One, Dell Mini 9, Lenovo S9/S10, Samsung NC10, Benq Joybook U101.

The new Easy and Fun TouchKit connects to the netbook via the machine’s Webcam port and a USB hub, included on the same PCB as the touchscreen controller. We should mention that the hub features no less than three USB outputs. While reconnecting the camera would mean that one of them is occupied, the other two would remain available, allowing users to add a flash drive, GPS, or Bluetooth dongle.

For what its worth, this solution does seem rather practical, as it offers some interesting upgrade options to users, especially in cases when they prefer flash storage on their netbook in place of an HDD, or want to connect a GPS without having the device added into an external USB port.

As expected, the new TouchKit is available in 8.9 and 10.2-inch flavors, which come at the same price, namely $95 plus shipping. The solution is available for purchase via eBay. Perhaps it doesn't sound quite like a bargain, but it is sure able to offer some pleasant new features to your netbook, including the touchscreen and some USB dongles.


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