Touch Panel Shipments to Reach Almost 2 Billion This Year (2013)

Most of them will go to tablets and notebooks, but all-in-one PCs will help

That touchscreens would sell well in 2013 is a no-brainer as far as suppositions go, but it might not be easy to guess just how many of them will sell.

It turns out that, since most notebooks, tablets and many all-in-one computers are bound to incorporate touch because of Windows 8, the final figure will be quite high.

In fact, it will have one or two zeros over the ones that consumers might expect.

According to Digitimes, the number of touch panels shipped in 2013 will be close to 2 billion.

More specifically, 1.8 billion of them will be sold, quite a bit over the 1.34 billion of 2012. 39.4% more to be precise.

Obviously, smartphones will contribute greatly as well, since they will keep growing in popularity as prices go down.

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