Total War: Rome II Has Carthage as Second Faction

Gamers will see the benefits of democracy and mercenaries

The developers at The Creative Assembly reveal that the second playable faction for Total War: Rome II is Carthage, the nation born from Trojan settlers that has come close to ruling the entire Mediterranean world.

The new faction is depicted as an powerful empire that relies on trading for most of its wealth and hires mercenaries and overseas populations in order to fight its wars because it small core population is reluctant to risk its very existence in order to lean armies.

The official description for the game states: “The beating heart of Carthage is the city itself, a major port and bustling trade hub nestling on the North African coast. Since gaining independence from its Phoenician forbears, it has quickly established a considerable military, naval and trade empire of its own.”

“Holding the same polytheistic beliefs as their ancestors, the Carthaginians worship many gods, chief amongst them Ba’al Hammon, The Ruler Of The Multitudes, and Tanit, the patron goddess of Carthage itself. Many people believe that child sacrifice takes place at their temples,” it adds.

Carthage will field both the legendary Sacred Band citizen infantry and the North African elephants feared for their charge and will also be formidable at sea.

The faction is poised to go to war against Rome because they are clashing over the Western part of the Mediterranean basin and have competing interests in Greece and the Near East.

The reveal of the second faction also confirms that The Creative Assembly is using a new family system for all the factions in Rome II, designed to offer more advantages depending on the sub-faction that players choose to play as.

There are at least six other factions that the development team will reveal for Total War: Rome II.

The launch for the new strategy game will probably take place during October 2013.

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