Total War: Rome 2 Reveals Arverni, Druid Focus

Players will have to unite Gaul to stand up to Rome

The development team at The Creative Assembly working on Total War: Rome 2 is revealing yet another faction for the upcoming strategy game, the Arverni, one of the most powerful tribes in the middle of Gaul.

The Arverni are Celts based around Nemossos, a capital where kings and tribal chiefs rule alongside powerful druids, and they have a good change of uniting all of Gaul’s tribes in order to stand up to the power of the Romans or any other power that might threaten them.

The official description adds, “While many matters ostensibly fall to the Arverni's kings and chieftains, in reality, much is governed by the will of the druids, including declarations of war or peace. Blending animism with a pantheon of greater, local and lesser household gods, the Celtic religion is one of the key factors uniting the disparate Gallic tribes.”

Warfare for the Arverni is build around a powerful charge from season warriors, like the Oathsworn and the Spear Nobles, after the enemy was softened up with javelins, with cavalry screening flanks and sometimes delivering the killing blow.

Gallic tribes were the scourge of Europe mere decades before the start of Total War: Rome 2, when they managed to sack Rome and to even go as far as the Balkan Peninsula, invading Macedon and Illyria and settling in the area.

Their power has since dwindled, mostly because the tribes have never managed to be united against a common enemy and have battle each other for supremacy.

The Arverni could be the nucleus of a powerful new Celtic empire but they will need to bring the tribes together by either diplomacy or force and hope that other factions don’t invade in the meantime.

Total War: Rome 2 is set to be launched on the PC at some point during November of this year.

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