Total Starcraft 2 Campaign Lasts for About 50 Hours

Players will control Kerrigan in most Heart of the Swarm missions

Blizzard is focused on talking about the multiplayer side of Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm ahead of the early March launch, but one leading developer says that a lot of improvement is also linked to the single-player campaign.

Chris Sigaty, a production director, has spoken to Eurogamer about the coming game and has said that, “We do have this long campaign, especially compared to games these days. When you take Wings of Liberty combined with Heart of the Swarm you've got close to 50-60 hours just in the campaign gameplay time if you don't replay it.”

It’s not clear why Blizzard wants to bundle the two campaigns together, considering that most of those who will play Heart of the Swarm have already gone through the single-player content in Wings of Liberty.

“We did a lot of different and cool things in Heart of the Swarm that differ from Wings of Liberty. We would not have had any of that without. That stuff would not have been achievable,” he added.

Once more, the developer has offered no clear information on what changes require the company to charge gamers once again for content that could probably also be delivered as DLC.

The single-player campaign of Heart of the Swarm will focus on Sarah Kerrigan and gamers will be able to control her in most missions, evolving her abilities as she reaches level 60.

The hub for the new Starcraft 2 campaign will be the Leviathan, a giant Zerg ship whose facilities the character commandeers, and players will be able to use to get story bits and also upgrade the abilities of their units.

The campaign includes 20 core missions, new planets to explore and there are also side elements designed to encourage replayability.

Heart of the Swarm launches exclusively on the PC in early March.

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