Toshiba to Launch 10-Inch Dynabook UX Netbook

Featuring 'chiclet' keyboard

Toshiba's foray into the market for ultraportable, low-power computer systems was marked by the launch of the company's first netbook, called NB100. Designed as an alternative to all the other 8.9-inch, Atom-powered netbooks on the market, the NB100 sported a relatively common design and boasted similar specifications as most of the other systems in it class. However, as the netbook market grows, Toshiba doesn't want to be left out in the open with just a single netbook model, which is why it has recently introduced its new 10-inch Dynabook UX note PC.

According to available details, the new Dynabook UX netbook is powered by a faster processor, compared to the NB100. Toshiba decided to use the latest Atom N280 CPU, running at 1.66GHz, a slight improvement over Intel's less powerful, but successful N270. In addition, the netbook's keyboard is meant to provide users with an enhanced typing experience, with a “chiclet” design and a key pitch of 19mm. Unfortunately, the larger 10-inch LED backlit display can only provide you with the same 1024x600 resolution featured on the company's first netbook.

The other technical specifications of the Dynabook UX include a RAM memory size of 1GB, a 160GB hard drive with included Windows XP Home Edition operating system, three USB 2.0 ports, built-in Wi-Fi and SDCH and MMC card slot, in addition to an allegedly 3MP webcam. Users will also have to make do with an LAN Ethernet port and a D-Sub display connector, while the battery pack is capable of delivering approximately 4 hours of battery life.

Equipped with the battery, the Dynabook UX-series netbook weighs about 1.33kg. The system is expected to be launched on April 24 in Japan with a price tag starting at the equivalent of about $607. When launched, the netbook will be available in brown satin and snow white coloring.


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