Toshiba TransferJet Wireless Memory Cards Set for CES 2013

They are SDHC cards with proximity wireless transfer technology

Toshiba may not be ready to launch its wireless memory cards yet, but its research and development team is far enough along that some prototypes can be put on display.

That said, the company intends to use the 2013 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show as a stage of sorts.

The SDHC reference card will use a transferjet integrated circuit (IC), an RF filter, a coupler, peripheral passive parts and an SD bridge connection circuit, plus Toshiba NAND chips, of course.

Basically, digital cameras, PCs and other devices with card slots will gain the ability to communicate wirelessly via TransferJet.

The only compromise needed here is proximity: TransferJet can send data very quickly, but only over very short distances.

We will learn more during CES 2013, between January 8 and 11.

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