Toshiba T-911, New Japanese Mobile Marvel

The TV phone

Some of the most evolved smartphones out there are available in Japan, with little or no chances of a global release any time in the future. Toshiba T-911 is just one of them, with some pretty interesting features.

The phone can pride with the fact that it includes 3G connectivity to make possible high data transfer speeds and easy data management. That should bring video files in just a few seconds and make it possible to easily fill the microSD card slot with just about any personal content that the user desires.

Handling and playing video files is the greatest quality of Toshiba T-911, which can be seen right from the start, as the 3 inch large screen reveals. The 480 x 800 pixel resolution is a great one that should bring high image quality. This performance is even greater, when considering that we are talking about a slider phone, a format which is more constraining on sizes. At 18.6 mm in thickness, this phone stays within reasonable limits and still looks stylish.

Toshiba T-911 also has an onboard TV tuner with recording capabilities and also a TV out feature. TV enabled handsets are extremely popular in Japan, but less appreciated across the world, which also stands as a main reason for the limited release of such devices.

The 3 megapixel camera should also manage to bring some evolved captures. Just to make the package complete, Toshiba T-911 also packs GPS, for making sure that its owner never loses his way. Other specifications include Bluetooth and a media player to make this one of the most evolved handsets out there.

The phone comes in four colors for Japanese consumers: white, gold, brown and pink, to match any tastes. Unfortunately, it will never go outside this country, for a release at a greater extent.

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