Toshiba Sportio, the Fatty Mobile Trainer

Available starting this month in Japan

Toshiba Sportio is one of the latest mobile phones from Toshiba's line-up and it's made for all those who are keen on working out and having a handsets that can help them do that.

Although it's both lightweight and slim, weighing 86 grams and measuring 93 x 52 x 13.7 millimeters, the Sportio looks a bit fat, if I may say so, which is funny for a handset created with the intention of keeping users in shape. Anyway, the new Toshiba Sportio comes with features like calorie counter and manager, a distance measuring application, plus internal GPS, helping users not to get lost when jogging.

Furthermore, the phone has a 2.2 inch display with 240 x 320 pixels, mobile TV capabilities, a 2 Megapixel camera, Music and Video players, Bluetooth, Web browser, email and so on. What first catches your eye when you take a look at the new Sportio is its directional pad that's placed not above the keypad but on its left side. I'm not sure how this can help in better controlling the functions of the handset, but I guess Toshiba made the device this way having a well-defined purpose.

The new Sportio is quite an unusual phone for the Japanese market, as most of the handsets released there lately are clamshells and have screen resolutions of at least 480 x 640 pixels. Anyway, the new Sportio from Toshiba is, nevertheless, a well-featured phone, although its design and its weird-positioned d-pad might not be seen as attractive by too many users.

Toshiba Sportio will be available for purchase starting mid-June, in no less than five color versions: black, white, orange, red and green. We don't know the retail price of Sportio yet, but we do know that the handset will only be sold in Japan, via au KDDI, the second largest mobile operator in the Asian country.


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