Toshiba Opens Windows 8 Pre-orders, Brings Back Start Menu

With availability just over a week away, PC makers are stepping up

The latest company to add its name to the list of PC makers that accept orders for Windows 8 products ahead of their launch is Toshiba.

Toshiba actually has a pretty long list of Windows 8 PCs. It can be found here.

There are some low-cost systems, a number of gaming notebooks, some desktops and, of course, a bunch of ultrabooks.

Most of them can be customized, according to the budget of the buyer, but the base prices range from $429.99 / 429.99 Euro to $1,949.99 / 1,949.99 Euro.

Needless to say, all of them will ship from October 26 onwards (2012).

There is just one special advantage that Toshiba offers over its competition: Toshiba Desktop Assist utility.

In layman terms, it is a replacement for the Start Menu that Microsoft decided not to include in Windows 8. Since the switch from that access system to the new, touch-based UI can be jarring, especially when no touchscreen exists, the Desktop Assist utility will help make the transition smoother.

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