Toshiba Launches New CompactFlash Memory Cards

The Exceria Pro CompactFlash series works at 160 MB/s

While they do vary in performance, CompactFlash cards are the highest capacity and fastest memory cards on the market, which is why they are very well suited to digital cameras and video recorders.

Toshiba's latest collection of CompactFlash cards definitely meets all possible expectations, and then some.

They are called Exceria Pro and, as the name suggests, have both a high capacity and a high performance.

There are three capacities: 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. All of them can read data at up to 160 MB/s, but the writing speed isn't the same.

The last two can achieve a scribing rate of 150 MB/s, while the 16 GB can't write at a speed of over 95 MB/s.

All these numbers are consistent with the CF revision 6.0 standard, which is superior even to the XQD proprietary card format of Nikon and Sony (125 MB/s max).

VPG-20 is also supported, this being the latest video performance guarantee standard. Full HD video capture should be possible at 20 MB/s or more. Even at high frame rates, the quality should be high, with no dropped frames.

Toshiba will start shipping its cards in the spring of 2013, which is just in time for the projected increase in DSLR camera demand.

Compared to 2011, shipments of digital cameras are expected to rise by 50% between 2012 and 2015, which means that CF cards will be more sought after as well. Toshiba hopes to secure a 30% share of this market.

Expect Toshiba's Exceria Pro to ship with a card reader (when sold standalone) or along with cameras themselves.

“Exceria Pro will position Toshiba to meet the demands of the high-end DSLR market, including high resolution image capture, sustained continuous shooting, HD video recording and high speed data transfers to other devices,” the company says in its announcement.


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