Toshiba Excite 10 tablet Updated to Jelly Bean

The Android 4.1 operating system finally reaches the device

Toshiba hasn't forgotten about its Android tablets, even though it would have had the excuse of the winter holidays to delay updating them.

The Excite 10 is the one receiving a new software package. We won't be listing their hardware specs, since we did that quite thoroughly here.

We would say what improvements and changes the update will bring, but we cannot exactly do that either, not for a lack of will but due to lack of information.

The OTA update (over-the-air) has been released and can be initialized by heading into Settings > About Tablet > System Updates, but the change log hasn't been disclosed yet.

On a related note, Toshiba's Service Station can be used for updating as well.

At any rate, the changes are all good or easy to adapt to, so there shouldn't be any reason to reject the update.

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