Tornado Hits Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Several additional twisters take their toll on other parts of the state and on Alabama

Recent news from the United States says that, this past Sunday, the city of Hattiesburg, in the country's state of Mississippi, was hit by a major tornado that destroyed countless homes and even injured several people.

For the time being, official reports state that only three individuals from Hattiesburg required medical attention following their run-in with this extreme weather phenomenon.

Still, seeing how several other twisters (i.e. seven, by all accounts) have been spotted in other parts of Mississippi and in Alabama, it looks like the overall headcount for injured locals amounts to 10 people.

For the time being, the only good news is that no deaths have been reported.

As Robert Latham, currently employed as director of the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency told members of the press, “I hope to goodness that when all this is said and done, all we have to do is clean up a mess and that we haven’t lost any lives in this.”

Sources say that the University of Mississippi was one of the buildings affected by said tornado, and that numerous locals now find themselves trapped in their homes.

Furthermore, several power lines have been destroyed, and efforts are now being made to restore them.

“A line of severe thunderstorms rolled through Mississippi and Alabama between the hours of 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. EST Sunday,” AccuWeather reads.

Apparently, these thunderstorms were the ones that caused the tornadoes to form.

Because of this, specialists wished to make it quite clear that, “Along and ahead of the storm's cold front [i.e. one of the storms which spawned the Nemo blizzard], severe weather will continue to threaten communities across southern parts of Mississippi and Alabama through this evening.”

Thus, “A few of the thunderstorms are capable of spawning tornadoes and have already unleashed damaging winds, hail and flooding downpours.”

Hopefully, it will not be long until more information on this topic is made available to the general public.

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