Tori Spelling’s Marriage Is Falling Apart

Report suggests she and Dean McDermott are having serious issues

For some reason or another, Tori Spelling’s personal life continues to get attention in the media and, most importantly, generate speculation in the US weeklies. As the former “90210” star is preparing for the launch of a new season of her reality show, rumors are starting to pick up that her marriage to fellow actor Dean McDermott is crumbling apart, but she can’t do anything about it just yet, as Life & Style reports.

The magazine has seen footage from the fifth season of the show and, it claims, tension between the two is very obvious. At one point, Tori herself is shown telling Dean that she doesn’t know what’s happening with their relationship anymore and that she wants the old Dean back, as well as their former life. Sources reportedly close to the couple also say the two have reached a critical point in their marriage, with Tori being quite “stuck” at the moment and no apparent way out.

“Footage from season five of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, obtained exclusively by Life & Style, reveals their once-cozy relationship is now filled with tears, tension and screaming matches. ‘What changed with me?’ Dean pleads with his wife in the footage that was filmed last year. ‘It’s like you got more and more unhappy and angry,’ Tori cries back to her husband. ‘I just want the old Dean back. I really do. I miss you so much.’ By his own admission, Dean isn’t the attentive man Tori married. Lately he’s been consumed by an obsession with motorcycle racing. The actor often strands Tori with the kids while he speeds off to California’s Auto Club Speedway several days each week, for hours at a time,” Life & Style writes.

An unnamed source confirms this for the magazine, saying that, for the time being, Tori can’t see a way out of the predicament, a solution for her marriage crisis. “Dean has very little money of his own. He doesn’t make a lot of money from his acting career. She has to work and parent and take care of the home all at once. Dean’s the first to show up for photo ops. Tori likes when production is going on because at least there are tons of people around, money’s coming in and there are things to do. She won’t leave Dean right now. It would be very embarrassing for her and her family. She’s stuck,” the spy reveals.

Of course, as fans would know, this is not the first time the couple is confronted with this type of rumors. If it’s not speculation on their marriage, it’s on Tori’s health and weight that’s getting attention from the US tabs, one might as well say.

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