Tori Spelling Is So “Broke” She Spent $10,000 (€7,362) on Thanksgiving Vacation

Clearly, celebrities’ notion of “broke” is not like ours

For several weeks now, Tori Spelling has been telling the media in interviews and the fans in her latest book, “Spelling It Like It Is,” that she was “broke.” At one point, she even suggested that she and husband Dean McDermott were so destitute they couldn’t even afford a vasectomy.

As it turns out, a star’s notion of “broke” is widely different from that of a regular Joe or Jane, because Tori and Dean are anything but that, not when they just spent an estimated $10,000 (€7,362) on a family Thanksgiving getaway, according to Radar Online.

For a woman who gets so much attention and, in the end, makes money (because she’s paid for her appearances, presumably) for saying she’s destitute, Tori has it easy.

“The former Beverly Hills 90210 star, her husband Dean McDermott, their four kids, Dean’s son Jack from his previous marriage, and a nanny headed to the ritzy St. Regis Monarch Bay Resort in Dana Point, Calif., on Wednesday for some holiday R & R,” Radar has learned.

Tori did tweet that she was excited about spending the holiday weekend with the family, which is what Thanksgiving is all about, and she even said they were packing for and “on the road,” but she didn’t name their destination.

She had every reason to do so because she would never again be able to tell her sad tale of “poverty.”

“Radar has learned the group booked three rooms at more than $500 [€368] each for the four-day holiday weekend – and had no problem handling other hotel expenses, such as a $35 [€25.7] per day parking fee and Thanksgiving buffet costing $115 [€84.6] per adult and $35 [€25.7] per child. Tori spent even more for the other meals and activities!” the e-zine says.

The family vacation cost her $10,000 (€7,362), the same media outlet estimates. For the record, that’s over the three times of a vasectomy intervention, the most expensive listing a simple Google search comes up with.

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