Top Ten Steam for Linux Best-Selling List – Rust Is the King

We take a look at the first ten games that managed to capture fans' interest

The Steam for Linux platform has received a few new games in the past week, and the top selling chart has somewhat changed, although some of the older games are still going strong.

Portal, the first game in the series, released way back in 2007 for the Windows platform along with Half-Life 2, has managed to slip into the tenth position, mostly because of its 75% discount.

Starbound is a procedurally generated adventure game developed by Chucklefish, which has managed to get into the list in the ninth position, which is quite an achievement because it's still in the development stages.

Left 4 Dead 2, the cooperative FPS developed by Valve, is now occupying the eighth place and it's doing it without having any kind of price cut. It also helps that it's one of the most interesting FPS games on Steam.

In the seventh place you will find Prison Architect, a simulator developed by Introversion Software, in which the player has to build and manage a maximum security prison. It's been in the development stages for a long time and there is no indication that the company plans to launch a stable version soon.

Kerbal Space Program, a game that combines multiple genres, but with a single purpose, that of setting up a working space program, is now on the sixth place. It's a very interesting title that seems to resist week after week in this volatile chart.

Tabletop Simulator has been recently launched on Steam for Linux and comes with a 20% discount. It's a game that combines an RPG adventure with classic boards and a physics sandbox. You can literally flip the table if the game doesn't go your way, and it's on the fifth place.

The Last Federation, a strategy title with turn-based tactical combat that spans across an entire solar system, was launched on Steam on April 19. It still has a 25% price cut that is scheduled to expire in just a few hours. For now, the game occupies the fourth position.

The third place is taken by Octodad: Dadliest Catch, a sequel to the well-known Octodad game that features a bizarre physics system. It's been quite a while since this title made an impression among the Linux players, but the 33% discount helped a lot.

Garry's Mod is in the second position and, given the fact that it doesn't have a price cut and that it's not actually a game, this is quite a feat for this sandbox physics title.

Rust, a first-person survival game developed and published by Facepunch Studios on Steam, is once again on the first place and it seems that nothing is able to stop it. It's still in development, but the community around this game is extremely dedicated.


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