“Top Gun” Sequel Stalls After Tony Scott’s Death

Sequel won’t happen anytime soon, 3D re-release is on schedule

Two years ago, a “Top Gun” sequel was announced, with its original star Tom Cruise and original director Tony Scott on board. The project is now on hold at Paramount Pictures following Tony Scott’s death by suicide.

Chances are good it might never get to see the light of day.

The New York Times reports that the 3D re-release of the original 1986 film is on schedule, but no one knows when or how a sequel will be made.

“But now the sequel has fallen apart,” the publication writes, citing inside sources.

“And Paramount and its partners are left with a 3-D film that might be perceived by moviegoers as a tribute to a director whose death remains a mystery to many friends and associates. It might also become a final box-office triumph — but only if the studio can reach the audience without seeming insensitive or exploitative,” adds the same media outlet.

Paramount is eyeing a possible February 2013 release for the 3D version of the film. Perhaps the fate of the sequel depends on its reception, in which case, I’d say it will happen.

When word first got out that all three, Cruise, Bruckheimer and Scott, had agreed to it, response from fans was truly amazing. One possibility now would be for Paramount to make the sequel in honor of the late filmmaker.

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