“Top Gun” IMAX 3D Gets Official Trailer

Film will get limited release in theaters ahead of Blu-Ray release

In November last year, word got out that a planned sequel of “Top Gun” had been put on hold after Tony Scott’s death and would probably never see the light of day. That means that the 3D re-release is the only option available to revisit that movie.

“Top Gun” arrives in IMAX 3D theaters starting February 8 and yes, there’s a brand new trailer for it. Check it out above.

The theatrical release will be a limited one, from February 8 to February 13. In case you miss it, you might as well buy the Blu-Ray, which comes out on February 19.

“Top Gun,” one of the quintessential ‘80s movies, was directed by Tony Scott and stars Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards.

Will you be catching it in theaters?

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