Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson Threatens to “Kill” Those Who Hacked His Twitter Account

The compromised account was used to advertise shady weight loss products

The Twitter account of Jeremy Clarkson, the presenter of the popular Top Gear TV show, was hacked and used to advertise shady weight loss products.

Clarkson’s followers (he has over 1.3 million of them) were presented with links which pointed to sites that promised “fast ways to lose body fat,” HackRead reports.

The celebrity quickly regained his account and threatened to “kill” the spammers.

“I have been hacked by spammers. Luckily I have acquired a special set of skills over many years. I will find them. And I will kill them,” he wrote.

“Unlike some people, I WILL find who hacked my account. And I will visit them,” he added.

Clarkson is not the only celebrity whose Twitter account is hacked and abused to advertise “miracle diets.” Spammers often try to compromise accounts with many followers because that ensures the success of their campaign.

In January, spammers hijacked the accounts of two Doctor Who actors, Karen Gillan and Colin Baker, and abused them to advertise similar websites.

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