Top 5 Movember Mugshots from the U.S.

Felons show off cleverly styled facial hair, for their mugshots

By on November 14th, 2012 14:43 GMT

These mugshots stand as proof of the fact that your facial hair has to always look great when you leave the house, because you never know who is taking your picture.

Check out the gallery below for pictures of five men who celebrated Movember by getting themselves arrested. They arrived for their mugshot in style, however.

Salvatore Dichiera, Bruce Manuel Bracetty, Max Quzene Claunch, Zachary Kuhn and one tattoo-loving ladies’ man have all been placed in police custody, on crimes ranging from marijuana possession, to contraband, burglary or driving while holding an open beer container, Daily Mail writes.

If you cannot get that proper “street” moustache going, you might consider giving up and opting for a tattoo instead. You can get “Ladies love it” permanently imprinted above your upper lip, because police love that sort of thing.

Best Movember Mugshots 2012 (5 Images)

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