Top 5: Best Animal Photos of 2012

Check out some of the best animal pictures taken this year

It won't be long now until 2012 comes to an end, and while others are busy writing down or at least thinking about their New Year's resolution, I’ve considered it worthwhile to browse through some of the animal pictures taken throughout the course of this year and select the best five.

So, here they are:

5. Toy Dragon Scares Baby Panda

This picture was taken in a nursery in China, and the toy dragon was meant as a gift for the panda cub. However, the bear seems anything but willing to play with it.

4. Polar Bear Hugs Its Keeper's Leg

This six-months-old polar bear proves that these carnivores might have a softer side to them, and that they can sometimes act like children. The picture was taken at the Penglai Ocean Polar World.

3. Diver Stumbles Upon Ginormous Anaconda

This might look like a scene put together by a horror movies producer, but apparently it is as real as it gets. Luckily for the diver, the snake just had its lunch and was no longer interested in finding a meal.

2. Humpback Whale Funeral

This whale showed up on a beach in White Rock, British Columbia and died shortly after. People simply gathered around to say goodbye to it.

1. Elephant Funeral

This female elephant was hit by a train in India while trying to cross the railway together with its herd. Villagers living nearby found it lying in a paddy field and decided to cover it with flowers.


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