Top 10 Viral Ads on YouTube of 2011

Top 10 Viral Ads on YouTube of 2011Top 10 Viral Ads on YouTube of 2011

One great thing about YouTube is all the ads. People just can't seem to get enough of them. No really, this is about the ads that everyone loves to watch and share, ads that go viral, whether they were meant to or not.

YouTube put together a list of the year's most watched video ads on the site. Since this is a list of ads that went viral, chances are, you've seen at least a couple of them.

"YouTube came along in 2005 and brought with it the notion that ads can be great content that earn their way onto screens of all types, spread by consumers who vote, share, like, comment, blog, plus-one, or even create response videos or spoofs," Michael Learmonth, Senior Editor for Advertising Age wrote on the YouTube blog.

"YouTube is the ultimate meritocracy for video, and advertisers are adapting to this world by creating content that people want to share," he said.

Interestingly enough, most of the ads in there, probably all, were created with YouTube in mind.

In fact, only a few of them were even shown on TV. Some of them are also making use of what YouTube allows and brings different from TV, for example they're much longer than what a TV ad would be.

Here are YouTube's top 10 most watched video ads:

1. VW - The Force

2. T-Mobile - Royal Wedding

3. Chrysler - Imported From Detroit

4. DC Shoes - Ken Block's Gymkhana Four: The Hollywood Megamercial

5. smartwater - Jennifer Aniston goes viral

6. Team Hot Wheels - The Yellow Driver's World Record Jump

7. Old Spice - Scent Vacation

8. Apple - Introducing Siri on iPhone 4S

9. Samsung - Unleash Your Fingers

10. adidas - D Rose: adiZero Rose 2 The Bull

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