Top 10 Ubuntu App Downloads for July 2013

Guess what? Steam is still the number one free app for Ubuntu

On August 6, Canonical published the usual top 10 app downloads chart, this time for July 2013, extracted straight from the Ubuntu Software Center.

Guess what? Steam is still the undefeated king of the top 10 free apps chart from the Ubuntu Software Center, which tells us that many Ubuntu users are hard core gamers.

Moreover, three new apps have just entered the top 10 free apps chart: Minitube, one of the best YouTube clients for Linux, Wakfu, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, and All Video Downloader, a universal video downloader tool.

On the other hand, the top 10 paid apps chart is still ruled by Filebot, the ultimate utility for renaming your TV shows, movies and even downloading subtitles. Oh, and there's a new tool called Spindl, which allows you to track your time and get things done.

"The productivity app, Spindl, debuts in the top 10 paid apps for July. While MC-Launcher was popular in July, it has been removed from the Software Center recently for unknown reasons."

"In the free apps category, three new apps make their debut. The game, Wakfu, comes in at number four in the list with two YouTube downloading tools, Minitube and All Video Downloader, coming in at #2 and #4," was stated in the official announcement.

Top 10 paid apps:

1. Filebot

2. MC-Launcher

3. Quick ‘n Easy Web Builder

4. Fluendo DVD Player

5. Spindl

6. UberWriter

7. Bastion

8. Drawers

9. Braid

10. Linux Format Magazine – Issue 173

Top 10 free apps:

1.  Steam

2. Minitube

3. Wakfu

4. All Video Downloader

5. Master PDF Editor

6. Youtube to MP3

7. CrossOver (Trial)

8. Plex Media Server

9. IntelliJ IDEA 12 Community Edition

10. Motorbike

See you next month for another iteration of Ubuntu Top 10 Apps.

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