Top 10 Ubuntu App Downloads for April 2013

Steam is still the number one free app for Ubuntu!

Canonical published a few minutes ago, May 3, the regular top 10 app downloads chart, this time for April 2013, extracted from Ubuntu Software Center.

While the Stormcloud weather app is still number one, there are two new entries in the paid apps top: Splice, the fantastic and unique puzzle game that conquered the mobile world, and UberWriter, a beautiful and distraction free writing tool.

On the other hand, on the free apps top, Steam is undefeated, followed closely by Master PDF Editor on the second place and Youtube to MP3 on the third place. Plex Media Server keeps the balance on the fifth place, and the Splashtop Streamer app drops dramatically from the fourth place to the end of the list.

“That time has once again arrived…the Top 10 for April. Stormcloud continues to reign the top with Fluendo DVD moving into the second spot in paid applications. The Top 10 Free apps has not changed much from last month with Steam continuing to dominate the Free Top 10.”

“Want to develop for the new Phone and Tablet OS, Ubuntu Touch? Be sure to check out the “Go Mobile” site for details.” was stated in the official release announcement.

Top 10 paid apps:

1. Stormcloud

2. Fluendo DVD Player

3. War in a Box – Paper Tanks

4. Splice

5. Filebot

6. UberWriter

7. Quick ‘n Easy Web Builder

8. Braid

9. Drawers

10. Bastion

Top 10 free apps:

1. Steam

2. Master PDF Editor

3. Youtube to MP3

4. Nitro

5. Plex Media Server

6. CrossOver (Trial)

7. Motorbike

8. IntelliJ IDEA 12 Community Edition

9. flareGet

10. Splashtop Streamer

Once again, Canonical would like to congratulate all Linux developers for the hard work put in this fantastic applications! See you next month for another iteration of Ubuntu Top 10 Apps.

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