Top 10 Paid Apps on Ubuntu Software Center for September

A comprehensive list of the most downloaded apps on Ubuntu Software Center

Canonical has made available an interesting statistic about the top paid application that were sold through Ubuntu Software Center.

Surprisingly, the chart with the most download free apps from Ubuntu Software Center contains fewer games than the one enumerating the paid apps.

The tenth place is occupied by Majesty Gold, a new entry in Ubuntu Software Center. Majesty for Linux contains both the full Majesty game, and the expansion pack, The Northern Expansion.

Cubemen takes the ninth place. It's an interesting game, in which you have to use your own little Cubemen to defend your base from other little Cubemen that are trying to run it over.

The eighth spot is reserved for Torchlight, an amazing role-playing title developed by Runic Games studio. Players will adventure to uncover the mysteries of the Ember mines. It offers a fully featured character leveling system, randomized dungeons, hordes of monsters, and gobs of great loot.

On the seventh place we find Fluendo DVD Player, a nice tool specially designed to reproduce DVD on Linux/Unix platforms, which provides end users with high-quality standards.

The Linux Format Magazine – Issue 163, with Linus Torvalds on the cover, takes the sixth place.

Braid, a platform game in which players control the flow of time in order to solve some incredibly hard and fun puzzles, can be found on the fifth place.

The fourth spot is reserved for an old acquaintance of ours, Amnesia: The Dark Descent. This is a first-person survival horror that will scare players half to death.

The third place is occupied by a new entry that received no publicity whatsoever, Sacred Gold. Even if it's a really old game, this type of action role-playing games are not really made anymore. It has a nice story and amazing gameplay.

Bastion sits comfortably on the second place. Bastion is an action role-playing experience that redefines storytelling in games, with a reactive narrator who marks your every move.

The first place in this chart is occupied by MC Launcher, a Minecraft mod installed and launcher. It's a software capable of installing mods for Minecraft, download Minecraft and Java, and can even allocate RAN memory.

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