Top 10 Paid Apps on Ubuntu Software Center for December 2012

RC Mini Racers is in the first place and it's followed by Stormcloud

Canonical has published a statistic about the top paid applications that were sold through Ubuntu Software Center in December.

Every month, Canonical makes a list with the top applications, either paid or free. This particular top deals with the paid apps, featuring some pretty interesting newcomers.

DareUp is a new entry and takes the tenth place. It’s a wingsuit game built exclusively for Linux, in which the players have to dare to fly as close as possible to the surface and make the best scores.

Mini Minecraft Launcher still managed to remain in top and occupies the ninth place. This is a small Minecraft launcher with mods, installation support, and a nifty backup feature.

MC Launcher or the Minecraft Launcher is on the eighth place. As the name suggests, it’s an application that can be used to install various mods for Minecraft and can even do backup and restore.

The seventh place is occupied by Machinarium, a point-and-click adventure game developed by Amanita Design, makers of Samorost and Botanicula. You can check out our review for Machinarium.

Bastion is on place number six. This is an action RPG, with an interesting gameplay mechanic and a unique narration technique. Softpedia has a Linux review for Bastion.

Braid is on fifth and it’s the only one to remain in the same position. Players can manipulate the flow of time in order to solve some pretty difficult puzzles.

Fluendo DVD Player is on forth and it’s an application specially designed to reproduce DVD on Linux/Unix platforms, which provides end users with high quality standards.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent rests on the third place. It’s one of the scariest games ever developed, which redefined the survival horror genre, and we have a review for it.

The second place is occupied by a new entry which strangely enough used to be free, an application called Stormcloud. The application provides a detailed weather overview for multiple locations, as well as a brief look at the weather for the coming four days.

The first place of this December top goes to RC Mini Racers, a fast-paced and explosive racing game with 22 different remote-controlled mini cars, in the spirit of Revolt.

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