Top 10 Most Searched Words in 2012

Merriam-Webster publishes its most popular words of the year

The Merriam-Webster dictionary has released which were the year's top 10 words, according to their users. Keeping in my mind that it is an election year, politics dominated the public's choice of wording.

According to how many times a word was searched on the dictionary, two top the list − socialism and capitalism.

The rest of the words, relayed by Gizmodo in alphabetical order, are: bigot, democracy, globalization, marriage, meme, professionalism, schadenfreude end touche.

I will go on explaining three of them, starting with schadenfreude, which sounds like a dish. A word loaned from the German language, schadenfreude means enjoying others' misfortune, similar to gloating.

You use touche when you are acknowledging the success of an argument. The word is derived from French.

Last but not least of all, meme has recently noted increased usage with the advent of social media. It means popularizing a concept or action, by spreading it from one person to another. It was first used in 1796.

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