Top 10 Game Developers for Nokia

The top ten concepts of the Mobile Games Innovation Challenge presented

Today, Nokia has made available the list of top 10 developers of its Mobile Games Innovation Challenge competition. Later this month, Nokia will announce the winners during an awards ceremony. The big prize consists of 40,000 Euros, the runner-up will get 20,000 Euros, while the third winner 10,000 Euros. Good luck to those that find themselves among the developers of the games from the list below!

After weeks of deliberating, industry experts finally cut down the list of over one hundred entries, and presented the top ten game developers. The finalists were judged by the experts according to several factors, like game innovation, fun, feasibility of execution and market potential. The game concepts that will make it in the top three will be presented by the developers at the Nokia Games Summit in Rome, Italy, on October 29 this year.

The games that made it in the top ten list are as follows:

- Cinemarena (set in a movie theatre, controlling avatars on the big screen);

- Ball (play any ball game on the mobile device or even create a new game); - Ghost Wire (use the mobile device to communicate with ghosts);

- Watchers (conspiracy adventure game that uses Nokia Maps and other real world tools to find locations);

- Kweekies (augmented reality virtual pet game that allows players to interact with their pet by utilizing the embedded camera of their mobile device);

- Melokey (a music game for mobile devices where users learn to master songs and play them against other in-game characters to win the hearts of fans);

- Wave Pirates (an action game where the player turn into a pirate navigating the seven seas, looking for gold and glory);

- Comet Hunter (2-D shooting game that combines the excitement of shooting with natural sound effects made by players themselves);

- XDancery (a music game where players can touch the screen, draw patterns on the screen, shake the device or sing into it to hit the music tempo notes);

- Fun Cam (a mixed reality game that connects the camera on users' mobile device to the TV).

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