Top 10 Cities with the Most Beautiful Women

From Amsterdam to Stockholm

Ask both a man and a woman who have visited several countries about which one they would like to see again. You can be sure that men will choose the places where they saw more beautiful women. A web survey published by the site intended to make a top of the cities with the most beautiful women, based on the quality of women, the ratio women/men and approachability. The top looks like this:

10.Amsterdam, Holland. Indeed, the dream of many men: seeing everywhere tall blond beautiful women riding bicycles and behaving friendly. No need for the Red Quarter.

9. Tel Aviv, Israel. As Dana International proves it, in Israel even the transsexuals are beautiful.

8.Montreal, Canada. The French must have sent "la creme de la creme" in their Canadian territories. And with so many student girls with fashion sense and fit bodies, whispering in the "language of love," no wonder you would return there.

7.Caracas, Venezuela. For the unaware ones, Venezuela is the country holding more Miss Universe Pageant titles than any other nation. "Lindas" and "calientes". The beaches of Venezuela may make Copacabana look like the meeting place of some village girls.

6.Moscow, Russia. Many men consider the Russian women as the most beautiful in the world; when young. They are thin, blond, blue-eyed, with a high sex appeal and friendly. The problem is after marriage, when the gazelle turns into a Russian balloon-like matriuska.

5.Los Angeles, California. Yeah, "California Love". Where in the world can you see so many blond tainted women with huge silicon boobs than here, wearing garment less than in a swimming suit of the '30s? This is the magnet where all hot American women come to "make it". Moreover, the weather, the beaches... What else do you want?

4.Varna, Bulgaria. Generally speaking, women of Eastern Europe are hot. And approachable. Add to this the beautiful and cheap Bulgarian seaside, with thongs, g-strings and topless sunbathing everywhere. Like all East European women, a mix class, sophistication, well cared bodies and a natural high dose of sex appeal will make you want to see those Bulgarian girls again.

3.Buenos Aires, Argentina. This is the city of the "mujeres hermosas." Beautiful, natural, with amazing bodies, it's like the most beautiful women of Spain, Italy, Germany and other European country added to the mix wanted to create a nation of models. Not to mention the "fiestas latinas," with lots of hot and approachable women.

2.Copenhagen, Denmark. The Viking women fascinate us. They are also preceded by their fame of being much more liberated sexually than women in most other nations. Helena Christensen and Brigitte Nielsen convinced us.

1.Stockholm, Sweden. It is the land of the amazingly beautiful women. Subjects of the survey agreed that per capita Stockholm women are the most beautiful. Victoria Silvstedt shows it. They are also considered educated and friendly. There are some doubts at the chapter approachability. But in the end, when you visit the city together with your partner, it doesn't matter.

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