Top 10 Alternatives to Meat

Looking for proteins

120 grams of lean beef contain 25 grams of high quality proteins, almost totally assimilable, unlike the plant proteins, which the body assimilates just in a proportion of 50-65 %. But proteins from the meat can be replaced by various foods.

Proteins are the "bricks" of the organism, and must contain all the essential aminoacids, in precise proportions. Only proteins from eggs, meat, fish and dairy products are complete, that's why plant proteins must be completed by animal proteins.

1. About 300 grams of rice mixed with peas can replace a meat piece. When combined, these aliments furnish the essential aminoacids.

2. Lentil is very rich in protein. 83 grams of lentil have as much protein as 120 grams of beef. Its nutritional value is boosted if combined with other vegetables and cereals.

3. Just 72 grams of peanuts contain the same protein amount like in 120 grams of beef.

4. Parmesan cheese has a double content of proteins compared to red meat.

5. 190 grams of pasta bring the same amount of nutrients (but not proteins) as 120 grams of beef. To increase their nutritional values, pastas must be accompanied by cheese and vegetables.

6. The soy sprouts are much poorer in proteins than the soy beans: 336 grams of sprouts have the same amount of protein as 120 g of beef.

7. Amongst fruits, avocados are the richest in fats and proteins. Yet, 473 g of avocado pulp contain the proteins found in 120 g of beef.

8. Just 130 grams of walnuts have the same amount of protein like 120 g of beef.

9. Common bean contains 23.6 % proteins: more than meat! Still, it misses some essential amino acids.

10. Twenty five slices of whole wheat bread contain 25 grams of protein. Biological value of the bread increases if consumed with butter or milk, especially at breakfast.

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