Too Much Money Is Spent on Trying to Protect India's Tigers

Other endangered species also need help, rarely get it

Several conservationists and environmentalists in charge of monitoring and safeguarding India's biodiversity now warn that, by the looks of it, too much money is being spent in this part of the world on green-oriented projects meant to protect tigers.

As Mongabay informs us, roughly 49% of India’s wildlife budget goes into helping out these big cats.

Thus, out of the $63 million (about €47 million) set aside for wildlife conservation in 2012-2013, a green-oriented campaign known as Project Tiger got $31 million (roughly €23 million).

In all fairness, India's tigers are an endangered species and need all the help they can get, yet this does not change the fact that other animals also need similar protection.

More so given the fact that some of them do not share their natural habitats with tigers and therefore cannot indirectly benefit from the latter's being kept a close eye on.

Hopefully, efforts will be made to improve on this status quo.

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