Tony Romo Cheats on Jessica Simpson in Her Own House

Sources speak of Romo’s infidelity

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo have been dating since November 2007 but, it seems, no amount of time spent together can keep the infidelity rumors at bay. While just the other day, sources were saying that the two stars were trying for a baby, now it is being said that, earlier this year, Tony cheated on Jessica right in her own house, Star magazine reports.

Apparently, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback waited for the singer to leave LA to hook up with several girls in a club, which he later took to the home he and Jessica share and, which, as it happens, is bought under her name. According to the aforementioned publication, on January 16, Romo was seen at Hollywood hotspot My House only within hours after Simpson had flown out of Los Angeles.

And partying hard was more than what he did that night, sources tell the mag. He left the club in the company of several women to continue having fun at Jessica’s place. “Everyone was talking about it downstairs. The girls were saying it was so wrong and shady of Tony to cheat on Jessica - especially in her place! I just can’t believe he would hook up with another woman at his own girlfriend’s house.” an unnamed source told Star magazine.

Earlier this week, Jessica came into the media’s attention after performing over the weekend and showing a few pounds more than she had while still a successful pop star. When headlines like “Jessica Simpson Shocks Fans with Fuller Figure” and “Jessica Simpson Is Fat” began popping up in the media, her sister Ashlee came to her defense, saying that, clearly, a woman’s weight should not be a newsworthy topic. At the same time, she asked people to remember that women come in all shapes and sizes, as well as that Hollywood tends to set impossible standards for them in terms of weight.

People magazine editor Galina Espinoza agrees, adding that Jessica Simpson is, right now, the clear object of “body-bullying.” “Jessica Simpson is becoming part of this trend we call body-bullying. People are cruelly mocking her, making her feel like there is something wrong with her just because she has a slightly fuller figure. It’s something that’s going on increasingly in Hollywood.” Espinoza explains.

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