Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD Gets Revert DLC plus Major Update Soon

Try out a brand new move and explore all sorts of classic levels

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD, Activision’s attempt at recapturing the glorious days of the skateboarding franchise, will receive a special bit of downloadable content at the beginning of December, alongside a special patch that will give all owners of the game the ability to perform the Revert move.

Activision’s Tony Hawk series hasn’t been going through the best of times in recent years as previous games, like Ride or Shred didn’t exactly draw in the legions of fans who fell in love with the first titles in the franchise.

In order to once again attract these people, Activision released earlier this year the special Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD game, which featured remastered levels from all of the classic Tony Hawk games.

Now, after the game came out across the PC, PS3, or Xbox 360, Activision has confirmed that a special downloadable add-on will be released on December 4, in the form of the Revert Pack.

“Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 HD Revert Pack expands on the game's winning formula with the inclusion of three levels from the original Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (Airport, Los Angeles, and Canada),” Activision said, via Joystiq.

“Skateboarding legends Steve Caballero and Geoff Rowley make their return to the world of Tony Hawk games and James Hetfield and Robert Trujillo from Metallica make a surprise appearance as playable characters. The Metallica track "All Nightmare Long" has also been added. But perhaps most importantly for true fans, the Revert move makes it return for mindblowing combos!”

Fans won’t have to buy the add-on if they only want the revert move, as a special free update for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD will be released alongside the DLC that automatically adds the Revert move for the game’s standard levels.

The actual add-on, which includes the Revert move plus the new levels, skateboarders and tracks, will cost $4.99/€4.99.

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