Tony Hawk Excludes the iPhone for His Next Game

A motion-sensing installment is in the scope, nevertheless

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk has a new video game coming out soon. Ten Tony Hawk titles have seen a release on almost all platforms until now. However, iPhone users are yet to experience some kickflip goodness.

And things are likely to stay this way for a while. The Forbes interviewed Mr. Hawk, who retired from skateboarding some ten years ago, and now directs all his efforts at promoting a charity initiative called Regift the Fruitcake. During the chat, Hawk revealed he is a true geek who had embraced computers since the early days of the Amiga. When the Amiga seized to surprise Hawk, his next choice was... you guessed it, a Mac. And he's been a Mac-head ever since.

“Well, beyond shooting my own video clips, editing them, and doing all the effects, I've been into computers since I was a kid,” Hawk revealed to the interviewers. “I bought the first Amiga when it came out, and then graduated to Macintoshes when I could afford one,” he said.

Hawk has been using Macs to this day, according to the report. “I've got a dual-processor desktop, an iMac in my office, and the newest MacBook,” the skateboarding icon added. “Not the MacBook Air, because I wanted a hard drive,” Hawk explained.

When asked whether he owned an iPhone, Hawk revealed that his choice was the iPod touch. Since both the iPhone and the iPod touch use an accelerometer, you'd think Mr. Hawk / Activision would consider leveraging the technology in a Tony Hawk installment. However, the plans for upcoming Tony Hawk games don't include the Apple devices yet, according to the legendary skateboarder.

Nevertheless, he did reveal that Activision planned to “incorporate that technology” (motion sensing) into the next Tony Hawk iteration. It's just not going to hit the iPhone, period, Hawk explained.

“Will it be for PS3 or Wii?” Forbes asked. Tony replied saying that “The next game we're doing is for consoles, which will be next year. I get in trouble when I say too much about it, but you're on the right track.” Well, off course it's either the PS3, or the Wii – Microsoft's Xbox 360 doesn't boast motion-sensing technology. Hopefully for console owners worldwide, it'll be both.

Still, it's pretty strange that the iPhone and iPod touch aren't getting the next Tony Hawk installment. Do you reckon Tony Hawk or/and Activision have something against the Cupertino-based Mac maker? Be sure to sound off in the comments.

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