Toni Braxton’s Autistic Son Stars with Her in Lifetime Movie [AP]

Diezel was initially supposed to play her son in “Twist of Faith”

On February 9, Toni Braxton will be officially making her acting debut, as “Twist of Faith,” in which she plays lead, premieres on Lifetime. She will be sharing the screen with her autistic son, Diezel.

Above is the official trailer for the film.

In a new interview with the AP, Toni says Diezel was initially supposed to play her son but his school schedule and the fact that he would have had to deal with a lot of pressure got her thinking a smaller role would be better.

“By the time we worked out the shooting schedule, school had started. Even though he's considered high functioning right now, he wasn't in the past, and that's why I thought him carrying the movie and trying to do the movie and tutoring would have been too much for him,” the star says.

“He was a little disappointed at first, but I think in the end, he's happy about the turnout,” Toni adds.

In the same interview, the singer pleads with critics and fans to go easy on her for her first major role. She knows it won’t be perfect, but she needs time to perfect herself, she says.

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