Toni Braxton in Hospital for Lupus Complications

Singer is currently under medical supervision, says fans needn’t worry

Toni Braxton has seen more than her fair share of ups and downs, both in her personal life and career-wise. Her health might have taken a slight turn for the worse just the other day, and she’s now in hospital again.

On Friday, Toni took to her Twitter to let her fans know that she’d been admitted to the hospital because of issues related to her lupus.

“Hey guys, I'm in the hospital for health issues related to Lupus & Blood clots, I will be home soon...Thanks for all the love&support! Xoxo,” the diva wrote on her Twitter page.

Her rep has also confirmed this for various major media outlets, also saying that fans have very little to worry.

Back in November 2010, after already being forced to file for bankruptcy once, Toni revealed that she’d been diagnosed systemic lupus erythematosus, a potentially deadly auto-immune disease from which her brother also suffers, and which already claimed the life of her uncle.

Toni is also suffering from a narrowing of the blood vessels in her heart.

Her deteriorating health forced her to cancel her self-financed Las Vegas comeback and, because of this, file for bankruptcy for a second time.

Now, Toni is struggling to keep afloat while also working on her music and her reality show, which is meant as an open window for fans into her life.

She talked about her dire financial situation, her health and other personal topics in a recent 20/20 interview with ABC, as we also reported at the time.

Toni said the first time she went bankrupt it was because her contract with her music label barely saw her making a few thousand dollars even though she was living the grand life and making huge expenses.

More or less jokingly, she said she went broke because of her weird taste for home decorating.

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