Tomb Raider's Combat Focuses on Agility, Not on Strength

The upcoming reboot changes quite a few things in terms of gameplay

The Tomb Raider reboot that's set to appear at the beginning of March has a special type of combat system that emphasizes agility and moving between pieces of cover, not on being more powerful than your enemies or on having the biggest gun.

Crystal Dynamics will reboot its long-running Tomb Raider series with its next game, as the studio has not only created a younger version of protagonist Lara Croft, but it's also reimagining a lot of the core gameplay, which focuses more on survival and the exploration of an island filled with mercenaries.

While the game isn't a full-on survival simulator, Crystal Dynamics' Noah Hughes has confirmed that certain mechanics have been added to motivate players to do certain things, like hunt down wild animals throughout the island's environment.

"In the context of hunting, Lara gains experience from that," he told CVG.

"We know that food is essential for survival but we didn't want a simulation game. It's really a way to enhance your survival and gain skills. And we wanted to make sure that there was enough AI behind something like the deer so you feel like it's alive in the world."

The combat system in Tomb Raider has also been overhauled as it doesn't rely just on increasing your strength or getting bigger weapons. Instead, players need to be agile and swiftly move between covers.

"In terms of the combat, it's not about strength or the biggest gun. It's about being agile and moving. We really wanted you to be able to move fluidly between cover. We didn't want a system that encouraged you to stick in one place."

The new Tomb Raider is looking like a serious departure from the roots of the series and players will be able to decide if it moves into a good direction or not on March 5, when the game appears on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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