Tomb Raider Multiplayer Includes Rescue Mode, Complex Customization

Gamers will need to deliver med kits while avoiding bleeding

Tomb Raider now officially includes multiplayer modes, created by the Eidos Montreal team, and it seems that the game will give players plenty of options both when it comes to the actual game modes and to the customization of the characters they will be using.

The intrepid fans prowling the official forums of the rebooted game have found out more information about the multiplayer side of the experience, including a new Rescue mode.

Rescue will feature two teams of players that have different objectives to accomplish.

The rescuers are trying to collect medical packs and deliver them to clearly defined pick-up points on the map while scavengers are fighting them at every point and try to reach a pre-determined number of kills in order to win.

The Rescue concept also means that players can bleed out after being injured and that anyone can quickly be taken out of the game with a special melee move.

The more traditional deathmatch mode will see players also segregated between survivors and scavengers, with teams alternating identities in best out of three matches.

The game modes will share maps and initial information shows that they are not too big and they feature walls that can be climbed, destructible areas and traps that are triggered by levers.

It seems that Eidos Montreal is also working on a third multiplayer game mode called Cry for Help, which has not yet been detailed but focuses on discovery and collection.

The roster of characters for multiplayer Tomb Raider includes a number of options, but Lara Croft herself cannot be selected.

All of them can access firearms, bows, sidearms, grenades and other projectiles and axes to use in melee.

Tomb Raider will be launched on the PC, the PlayStation 3 from Sony and the Xbox 360 from Microsoft on March 5 of this year all over the world.

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