Tomb Raider Anniversary Patch: Lara is Nude Again - Download Here!

If there's anyone that should deserve to see her classy but naked, it's the old servant

It didn't take them long did it? Heck, of course it didn't... I mean, not that the world isn't all about sex, sex and more sex, but even at Lara Croft's first adventure, when she was made up of cubes, they came up with a patch showing you Lara's intimate parts. Now that technology has evolved so much, allowing us even to see the water washing off her slim body, it would have been a shame for a patch such as this not to emerge.

Basically, you're going to have the same cultivated, sophisticated Lara Croft, who runs down the chambers of Egyptian tombs like she's holding a book on her head (you know that's how they taught people to walk "classy" back in the days). The best part, or ridiculous part... I don't know, is probably when you're in Lara's Home (Croft Manor), walking around the house naked, stopping every now and then to read those fancy books. Not exactly upper class behaviour huh? Especially with that old geezer (the servant) around too.

But he deserves a good show too. Heck, he deserves to see Lara's naked, concrete-hard butt more than anyone. It's been ten years since the bloke is serving her tea and aiding her with her training, while she jumps on the highest platforms and performs the most twisted acrobatics, driving the old man insane with her luscious body. I remember, in Tomb Raider II, Lara was supposed to perform her day-to-day jump-grab-slide-swim etc. routine while the old servant (I can't find his name anywhere...!) was running after her with the tea. She's not exactly the 5 O'clock tea type I guess.

While in Tomb Raider III, when the training part has to be completed, there are some targets to shoot, including the old fart. He has the same metal tray in his hand, but this time he's not holding any tea. He threw the tea away to defend himself from the bullets.

Anyway, if there's anyone who should be upset about this Nude Patch for Tomb Raider Anniversary, that person should be me. And I'm not upset at all! I'm the biggest fan of Lara and I like her the way she is, but that doesn't mean that I don't like her naked too. You can download the patch right HERE. Have fun!

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