Tomb Raider 3 Movie in the Scope. Who's Playing Lara?

Now that Anniversary is prepping for launch, a 3rd movie makes a lot of sense

For all of you drooling Lara Croft fans out there (don't be offended, I'm including myself too in the category), there's word on the street that a third Tomb Raider movie is on the way. And yes, it's Angelina Jolie they want for the starring actress again. Ian Livingstone, one of the original creators of the game, sat down with Digital Spy telling them of the what's on the horizon for the third film in the TR series:

"At this moment in time it's still not green-lit, but the signs are there. Paramount have talked about the film for a long time, and I've had meetings with them... They're willing to put a scriptwriter on board. Angelina Jolie has an option to do a third movie."

Although I can't possibly find anything wrong with Angelina Jolie, I happened to take a look at the new model for the in-game Lara and I have to say, she's not half bad. I wouldn't mind seeing her in action.

Of course, a third TR movie has now been announced only because Anniversary is prepping for launch, and what better time to release it than along with the most anticipated title in the video game series? Anniversary is said to re-take players through the stages of the original Tomb Raider game released for the PlayStation console and PC, with everything tweaked to the max. Plus, gamers enjoy bringing back memories playing older instalments of their favorite series.

Livingstone also reckons that "when they see how successful Anniversary will be and realize that the world is still in love with Lara, they'll be more inclined to exercise their option." Need I spell it for you? TOMB RAIDER 3: The Movie is coming.

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