Tomato Pill Promises to Rid People of Strokes, Heart Attacks

One such pill might even slow the progression of cancer, scientists say

According to a team of researchers working with the Cambridge University, a pill made from lycopene (i.e. the chemical compound which gives tomatoes their red color) might just help rid people of strokes and heart attacks.

Furthermore, it is their belief that one such pill might even help slow down the progression of cancer, Times of India reports.

Apparently, administering a lycopene-derived capsule to an individual increases the flexibility of his arteries.

As well as this, the lining of his/her blood vessels stands to significantly improve, which basically means that the risks of their suffering a stroke and/or a heart attack are diminished to a considerable extent.

“These results are potentially very significant, but we need more trials to see if they translate into fewer heart attacks and strokes,” argued Ian Wilkinson, one of the specialists involved in carrying out this research.

Hopefully, more information on this topic will soon be made available to the general public.

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