Tom Cruise, Suri Spend Thanksgiving Together in England

Katie Holmes flies to spend the holiday with her parents, Tom gets Suri

Earlier this week, there were some rumors about how Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes might put all their differences aside for their daughter’s sake, to spend Thanksgiving as a family. According to a new report, Suri actually spent the holiday with her father in England.

Katie filed for divorce from Tom earlier this year, reportedly blindsiding him with her decision because he believed things were still OK between them.

The divorce was final in almost record time, presumably because Tom was eager to get it over with lest Katie decided to talk to the press and reveal certain details he would rather have not known.

Officially, Tom agreed to the quickie divorce for his and Katie’s daughter Suri.

According to The Huffington Post, the two exes are still sore from the divorce and can’t stand to be in the same room together, even if that means doing it for Suri.

“When Katie Holmes left New York’s LaGuardia airport early Thursday, heading to Ohio to spend Thanksgiving with her parents, daughter Suri was already in England, spending the holiday with her dad, Tom Cruise,” the e-zine says.

An unnamed source confirms that Suri was with her dad for the holiday but, ironically enough, there’s not a single photo of the two together available online, so either they never went out or this is just an unfounded rumor.

“Suri left Tuesday and will return Sunday to return to school on Monday. Tom and Katie agreed to this weeks ago,” the insider says.

“Six-year-old Suri will join her dad, who is currently shooting a film in the UK, and Tom’s two other children, Conner and Isabella Cruise. Suri is currently living with her mom in NYC,” the Post further says.

Tabloids have keeping count of how much time has passed since Tom was last photographed with Suri, concluding that, as the saying goes, pics or it didn’t happen.

Assuming the two spent Thanksgiving together, this ends Tom’s 17+ week-long absence from Suri’s life, voices online are saying.

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