Tom Cruise Stays Pretty with Katie Holmes’ Makeup Products

Nearing 50, Tom Cruise remains almost as fresh-faced as he was 5 or 7 years ago, which has repeatedly prompted talk of plastic surgery. A new report now suggests that another method to stay “pretty” employed by Tom consists of raiding his wife’s drawers with cosmetic products.

According to a source speaking to the National Enquirer (grain of salt is a must), Tom is having a very serious mid-life crisis. However, for the time being he has found a way to deal with it, by applying as much makeup on himself as he can.

It’s no longer a secret that even male stars have makeup applied before a red carpet event to look their best for the cameras, which are now more than able to capture the minutest flaw ever.

With Tom, though, things are going to the extreme, claims the spy, because he’s applying a lot of makeup even when he doesn’t attend a public event – and he chooses to do it all by himself in secret.

“Tom is in major midlife crisis mode. He’s freaking out over the new lines on his face, the gray hairs on his head and on his face when he shaves,” says the source.

Thus, he doesn’t see anything wrong with raiding his wife’s stash of cosmetic products, using everything from creams and lotions, to face masks, foundation and even mascara.

“He has started applying Katie’s high-priced facial creams, cleansers and even her makeup – and he loves the results!” dishes the spy.

Among Tom’s favorites is a very expensive face cream that Katie also loves, a brand that retails for as much as $320 a jar. He also applies face masks as often as once a day, the insider claims.

“He even slathers on Katie’s foundation before public events and lightly applies her mascara to make his eyelashes look fuller. Tom is incredibly vain, and he’s willing to go to great lengths to look good next to his younger co-stars,” the spy dishes.

“Katie is horrified that Tom has resorted to raiding her beauty supplies,” the same source adds.

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