Tom Cruise Shuts Down Trafalgar Square for “All You Need Is Kill”

Actor works on new film, plenty of on-set photos emerge online

If Tom Cruise really had daughter Suri with him on Thanksgiving and over the extended weekend, he did not get to spend too much time with her since he was busy working on his brand new movie, “All You Need Is Kill.”

Countless on-set photos of the actor in character have emerged online, offering a good indication of how big the scope of the film will be.

As the Daily Mail puts it, Cruise and the team shut down Trafalgar Square for several hours on Sunday morning, to shoot scenes for the action flick.

Decked in military uniform, Cruise arrived on the scene in a RAF helicopter.

“All You Need Is Kill” tells the story of one soldier killed in a direct confrontation with alien invaders, and caught in a time loop that sees him reliving the same day over and over again: his last day on earth, to be more exact.

The film is directed by Doug Liman and will be out sometime in 2014. For more pics, just follow the link in the third paragraph.

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