Toddler's Brain Can't Remember to Tell Her to Breathe

The girl has been fitted with a portable ventilator, can finally leave the hospital

3-year-old Maisie Harris was born suffering from a rare medical condition known as congenital central hypoventilation syndrome (CCHS, for short).

Specialists explain that, in the case of people diagnosed with this rare disorder, the brain cannot remember to tell the body to breathe.

Specifically, their lungs and muscles do not receive the signals they need in order to function properly. Besides, it appears that, due to the fact that they are not used as their should, their airways are rather weak.

Hence the fact that, if left on their own, CCHS patients risk suffocating at any time.

According to Daily Mail, Maisie has spent her first years of life at the Great Ormond Street Hospital.

However, not that she has been fitted with a portable ventilator that enables her to breathe fairly normally, she is finally allowed to return home with her family in Gillingham, Kent.

The girl is scheduled to leave the hospital this coming Monday, the same source tells us.

“We cannot wait to bring Maisie home and enjoy being a normal family. It’s felt as though we have been in hospital for a lifetime,” her mother reportedly told the press.

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